10 Ways to Make Your Eyes Pop this Holiday Season

The Holiday’s can be stressful and take a toll on your appearance. Here are 10 tips that will keep you looking awake and polished.

1. If you wake up with puffy eyes rub ice cubes over your eyes after your finish your face cleansing regiment. This will help with the puffiness and redness.

2.Apply a shimmery champagne color in the inner corner of your eyes to brighten your whole face. I personally like the Honey Pot color in the Two Faced Natural Eye Neutral Eyeshadow Palette.

3. Apply a under eye correcting concealer to your under eye circles after you apply your foundation not before. I recommend the Correction Concentrate from Pixi Beauty. You can find it at Target for only $12.00!

4. Use a flesh colored (stay away from white) liner on your waterline of your lower lash line to make eyes appear bigger and brighter.

5. If you are going to use a dark liner on your waterline don’t use it on the first third of your waterline, it will close it up and make your eyes seem smaller.

6. If you will be creating a smokey eye this season stay away from brown eyeshadow shades that have a tint of red in them as they will make you appear tired.

7. Don’t forget those lashes! Try some false lashes this season, they will instantly make you eyes look bigger and brighter. I love the 110 & 109 lashes from Ardell. You can find them at your nearest drug store.

8. Remember that thin brows make you look older so don’t be afraid to fill them in to make them thick and full. Try the Brown Envy Kit from Two Faced Cosmetics. The kit includes two brow colors, brow wax, highlighter, brow pencil, and 3 stencils to choose from.

9. Speaking about highlighting – Apply highlighter to your brow bone & cheeks bones. You can use creams or powders to achieve your look.

10. Last but not least the most important of all….get some rest. Cozy up with a great book or movie and your favorite holiday beverage and enjoy some R & R.I hope this will help you stay looking fresh and polished this hectic Holiday Season.



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