Review on the Maripily Fragrance

Hello Loves,

I have had this beautiful perfume bottle in my posession for the past five months because I wanted to write a true honest review. Well the time has come to let you know my honest opinion about the Maripily perfume from Zermat. The 3.4 oz bottle retails on the Zermat and Amazon site from $50-$60.00. The packaging is so girly and I love it. On one side the bottle has a hot pink velvet leopard print. The opposite side is very simple but elegantly labeled MP Mariply – the perfumes namesake.


Maripily is named after Maria Del Pilar Rivera Alomar (WOW). She is an actress, model, and TV personality from Puerto Rico. The woman is a beautiful Latina! So I was super stoked to try out her perfume.


So just to be 100% honest I did not purchase this perfume, it was given to me by my sister who interviewed Maria. I was over the moon excited when I received the package from Chicago.  The box has the same pink leopard print design as the bottle. I was a bit disappointed when I could not find the fragrance notes or a back story on the package. I figured it was because it was for the press.? I dunno!?!?!?  I did find a CAUTION warning which was a bit alarming.  CAUTION – flammable, keep dry, do not place on sensitive skin or eyes. WAIT WHAT??!!

I was thrilled to open up the box and take a whiff of the fragrance.  Ummmm , I was not to pleased with the first….second….third spray. So I put it away and decided to try it out again a few weeks. I pulled Maripily out after the new year and tried it out a few more times. I checked out Amazon and located the “notes”.

A captivating fragrance that draws you in with top notes of soft touches of melon, bergamot, prunes, and cassis buds. It has middle notes of peach, roses, jasmine, and water hyacinth. It has exquisite base notes of patchouli, sandalwood, and white musk, the final touches that make this fragrance sensual and elegant. It also has a veil of amber that makes it like velvet.

Ok so I smell the bergamot and white musk but that’s about it. It has an extremely musky smell to it with like a powder almost like a perfume powder that a more mature woman would like. I don’t and can’t see a woman under the age of 50 wearing this fragrance.  I really wanted to give this product a great review but I just can’t.  In my own personal opinion this product is not worth the $50.00. You could probally get a much better smelling perfume at a dollar store, YIKES!

Out of 10 ★’s and as a woman in her 30’s I give this 1 ★. I guess my next step is to find some matutre woman who might give me their opinion. Hmmmm, maybe I will do a vlog review. Let me know on Twitter @beautybvirginia , Facebook Beautyby Virginia if you would like to see something like that.

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