CoverGirl Ready, Set, Gorgeous First Impresion & Review

I am sure everyone has seen the new Covergirl displays at their local drugstores, unless you are me and had to wait forever! I was finally able to get my hands on the new Ready, Set Gorgeous line. The claim is that the foundation is suppose to make your skin look flawless & natural looking all day long. It will blend easily and even out skin tone; the formula is oil free so it should reduce shine all day.

There are 12 shades, so a pretty wide varidy ranging from light to dark (105-120, 205-220, & 305-320). The packaging is cute and simple, with a see through container for both the foundation and concealer. The foundation formula is a little watery but can become thicker. It dries to a matte finish and the coverage is buildable from light – a semi full coverage. It does not contain any oil so you have to work with it very fast beause it does dry very fast. I noticed it worked best by applying it with dense or flat top brush, I am sure applying with your clean fingertips would have better blending power. If you have very dry skin I don’t think this is the foundation for you but if you have combo to oily skin I think it will work well. The foundation is very light weight and feels like I have nothing on my skin which is awesome.

I was a bit skeptical about the concealer because I have really bad undereye dark circles, genetic. 😦 The concealer does state that it will help conceal dark circles and imprefections, it is also oil free. The formula is a little bit thin at first but once you start blending it becomes thicker. I did notice that it did try to conceal my dark circles. The formula is also very buildable, from a light coverage to a semi-full coverage concealer. Like the foundation this products is very light weight and feels good on the skin.

Just an FYI –  The conealer & foundation do not contain an SPF.

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I only purchased the foundation last night in the shade 115 – buff beige. You can check out my first impression here:  First Impression CG Ready, Set Gorgeous Foundation. I put it to the test today, a normal busy Sunday in my home. After taking the kiddos to church I stopped at Walgreens to re-purchase a darker shade and purchased the concealer because Walgreens had a deal if you bought two products they were a $1.00 less and you recived 2000 points, which I am all about points! I combined shades 105 & 205 to make a pretty good match to my skin tone. I only applied a gel moisturizer to my skin before applying the foundation & concealer. I wanted to see how long the product would last without a primer or setting powder/spray. I cleaned my home, set the twins down for a nap, went to watch the boats by the water, ate dinner, & came home.

I did my makeup around 12:30 PM & I  did notice that the dryness I usually get around my chin showed up more with the foundation. Throughout the day I noticed that the dryness I saw at the beginning was fading but the foundation was moving away from my chin area and the conealer underneath my eyes was disappearing. My nose did become oily throught the day but not as much as it usually does, which I was very impressed about. The redness around my cheeks did seem to start peeking out around 5:00 PM.

I reviewed it for the last time at 9:30 PM I was slightly diappointed because the product did seem to fade away and disappear. The pros about both the foundation & concealer is that they both did help reduce the oilness which is AWESOME!!!!!! If a primer and a setting powder, like their powder foundation, is used I think that will help with the staying power of both products. All in all for the price and the buildable coverage it is well worth it. I will keep trying both products and re-review in a few weeks.

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