I can do what with baby shampoo??!!

Hello loVes!!!

So I was using the Elf Makeup Brush shampoo to clean all of my brushes but when I ran out Target was out of stock :(. I traveled across the shopping plaza to Ulta and the only brand they had was very expensive. The very nice clerk informed me that I could also use baby shampoo!!! I was very surprised to find out that I could use BABY SHAMPOO!!!!

I usually clean my brushes once a week in order for them to be clean and ready to use during the week. It is very important to clean them often to avoid any bacteria build up that can cause acne. If you keep a weekly regimen your brushes will last a lot longer!

Whether your using synthetic, natural bristles, powder puffs, or beauty blenders you can use this baby shampoo method. I do suggest that if cleaning a brush that has been used with cream or liquid products – foundations, lip sticks, gel liners, etc. you can use olive oil to cleanse your brush before you wash them with the baby shampoo. The olive oil will help break down any of the the product build up on the brush. If you would like to see a blog post or video on how to do so please leave me a comment or use #beautybyvirginiabrush.

Items you will need:

  • Baby Shampoo – Original Formulation

  • Shallow Bowl of Clean Luke Warm Water

  • Sink (or another bowl of clean luke warm water)

  • Paper Towels

  • Lint Free Wash Cloth

  •           Your brushes of course!
Property of Beauty by Virginia


First you will dip the brush in the clean bowl of water or under your faucet avoiding the area where the bristles meet the handle of the brush. This can cause rust, the glue to loosen, and bacteria to grow to the inside where the bristles meet the handle. You will then add some baby shampoo to one bowl of water; if you are using your sink you can add the baby shampoo to the palm of your had. Next, gently swirl your brush in the baby shampoo solution in the bowl or if your are using your hand swirl the brush in the palm of your hand with the baby shampoo. You should see all of the products running out of the brush. Dip your brush in the clean water or under your faucet and repeat the shampoo step until your brush runs clean. You can also use the paper towels to gently swirl your brush around until you see no more color on the paper towel. Once your brush is not dispensing any more product onto the palm of your hand, paper towel, or water is running clear you will gently use the lint free cloth to dry your brush and reshape it to it’s original form. 

*Please remember that if you will be cleaning your brushes that are used for cream or liquid products you might have to cleanse them with olive oil before hand to breakdown the product on the brush. If you clean your brushes once a week you could skip this step and the baby shampoo should break down any build up. I also suggest using synthetic brushes when applying these types of products because they are inexpensive to replace.


If you have a brush rack you will hang your brushes upside down. If you do not have a brush rack don’t worry! You will lay your brushes flat on top of a clean paper with the bristle side hanging off the edge of a table or shelf (whatever flat surface you have). You will need to dry them for at least 6 hours or overnight. As I mentioned before I usually do them on a Sunday night so Monday morning they are dry and ready to use. Please keep in mind that if any water has seeped into the area where the bristles meet the handle and it does not dry properly it can cause bacteria to grow, rust to build, and/or your bristles fall out. So be very mindful on how you dry your brushes. 😉

Check out these awesome Pinterest Boards on Makeup Brush Racks! http://www.pinterest.com/virginiagillman/makeup-dyi/

Hopefully you found this post helpful! If you would like to see me in action cleaning my brushes you can visit http://youtu.be/HbaXh0vN0-w – don’t forget to Subscribe 🙂

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‘Till next time!

XOXO, loVe Beauty by Virginia, there’s a V in every loVe !!






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