Rimmel London Wonder’Lash Argan Oil Mascara Review

Hello loVes! I know it has been a long time since I have posted but I am coming back with a review on a new mascara.

If you are like me you and you have not found that “it” mascara or your “holy grail” mascara then you get super stoked when a company comes out with new formulas. I love Rimmel London products especially their mascaras so when I heard that they were coming out with an Argan Oil formula I was over the moon. If you watch any of my videos at youtube.com/beautybyvirginia then you know that I am in love with the PUR Minerals Argan Oil Mascara so if there was a drugstore dupe for it I was all over it. Rimmel came out with a regular and waterproof version I purchased the waterproof version since I also have the PUR Minerals waterproof formula and could compare the two. The Rimmel Wonder’Lash retails at CVS for about $10.99 which is still pricey but $10 less than the PUR Minerals brand. Argan Oil is great for a lot of things but in this case keeps your lashes soft, fuller looking, and helps with lash growth.

The Rimmel Wonder’Lash claims to be clump free volume defining mascara. The formula it-self is very liquidity almost oily. I was very hesitant because I can’t stand mascara that transfers onto my  lid and of course that is what happened. The wand it-self is great – it almost becomes smaller at the tip and is flexible. I wore the mascara for a week in hopes that it would not keep transferring – each morning was a struggle and I lost every time. Either way the coverage is very “buildable” and does not clump up. As defining the lashes not quite so much – this mascara gives a very natural look but it does not let you lashes hold a curl. The thing that I love most is that your lashes stay soft all day and if you want to build up the coverage throughout the day you can and it is very easy to remove- you won’t even need makeup remover! I don’t recommend this formula if you are applying false  lashes because the Argan Oil will not let the lashes stay. I did not use Wonder’Lash on my lower lashes because of it easily transferring onto my lower lid.

Overall I give Rimmel London an 8 for the effort of putting out an affordable Argan Oil mascara but if you want a mascara with Argain Oil that is top notch and gives your lashes definition, holds a curl, and does not clump up then pay the extra $10 and purchase the PUR Minerals Big Look Mascara.

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Property of beautybyvirginia

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