5 Skin Care Tips to Survive Winter

While Spring might be just around the corner living in Michigan during winter seems like an eternity. If your like 99% of humans Winter can be torture on your face/skin but if your fall in the 1% than I am totally JEALOUS, j/K. If you fall into the 99% category like me then keep on reading as I  share a few tips that help me and my face/skin survive a cold, brutal winter. Please remember that these are my opinions and what is good for my skin, always consult with your doctor when changing any type of routines that could affect your health :).

Moisturize, moisturize, moisturize! Although my skin/face are usually oily/combo/oily in the Spring/Summer, during the Winter months my skin becomes extremely dry in some areas that I need a more powerful moisturizer than my usual Clean and Clear Gel Moisturizer I use in the Spring/Summer. I have come to use Cetaphil – a great moisturizing cream that does not leave my skin feeling greasy or oily. It’s great for all skin types and is lightweight enough I can use it on my daughter who has eczema.


I also use a lip balm religiously!!! Before I start my makeup application I moisturize my kissing machine (my lips lol). I usually use my Vaseline rosy lips lip therapy. Rosy lips give my lips a layer of protection and by the time I am ready to apply my lip products my lips are nice and moisturiezd and stay that way the majority of the day. I also use this right before bed to keep my lips nice and soft.


I drink a ton of water throughout the day. I do have my caffeine fix in the morning but for the rest of the day I drink up good ole H2O which will not only keep me hydrated but also keeps my skin looking healthy. Too much caffeine or sugary drinks will suck up the moisturize in your body and other not so great for your body effects.

One thing I used to love doing is taking really hot showers but I have learned that the hot water does not give my skin that healthy glow I want but does the complete opposite.Hot water breaks down the lipid barriers in the skin which will lead to a loss of moisturize. If you want your skin not to become dry then skip the hot showers and opt out for a lukewarm shower or bath. You might think I am off my rocker when I say this but right before I get out of the shower I turn the water to straight cold which helps close the pores and tighten cuticles.

I also change up my makeup routine because I can’t use the same products that work for me in the Spring/Summer months when my skin/face is the most oiliest. During winter I opt for a more dewy/satin finish. I start with a brightening primer like PrimeTime from bareMinerals and a non drying foundation like my CoverGirl Outlast 3 and/or my bareMinerals Bareskin. Both of those foundations or serum keep my oily t-zone at bay while not over drying or accentuating my dry areas/spots.



I know the title states only 5 tips but we can’t forget about a goodnight sleep.  They call it beauty sleep for a reason, when you sleep your skin re-news itself. Basically new skin cells grow and replace the older cells.

Well loVes I hope this was helpful and at the least interesting.

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