💜Marriage & Compromise💜


Hello loVes,

This morning I woke up with a plan in my head of what I needed to get done.

1. Drink coffee ✔
2. Get the kids ready for church ✔
3. Tidy up a bit ✔
4.Take a shower
5. Go shopping for my co-worker’s birthday present……& go to Ulta ;)…..

Now I’m going to stop my list there because it became non relevant. My husband came home from dropping off the kids and he asked what my plans were. I told him and asked him why – well he needed my to help change the brakes on our car. When he told me to just go have fun I knew I had to drop my plans  & even though I was a little bit upset I would have to compromise. Besides, the day was young & I could finish my list later, right?

As I stood by him I realized that he needed my support more than needing my physical help. Don’t get me wrong I did become a bit greasy but he just wanted me there to have someone to talk to and show his progress. I never thought he just wanted me there more than my actual help because I am usually the one asking for the moral support.  Bit that doesn’t mean that sometimes our significant others just want us to be there, to be with them. At that moment I felt like a huge idiot because all of my anger was building up inside & all I could think of was OMG I am never going shopping – until it hit me! HE JUST WANTS TO SPEND TIME WITH ME!!!!! OMG, how could I have been so blinded by what I only wanted and not have seen the bigger picture. I was happy that I had compromised & was spending a beautiful morning with the man who I love. Even though it was not a very glamorous “date” it was an unforgettable date. I learned a lot about cars, how to install brakes, and the joy of compromising to make someone you love happy!

I’ve been married for 10+ years but I re-learned a valuable lesson today. The lesson of compromise and putting others before you so everyone is happy. If I would have gone shopping when I wanted to I might have purchased a lot more items & gone to Ulta but my husband would have a small dark spot on his heart where I let him down. I am happy that I stayed and helped out – today was a happy day and everyone was happy.

Anyone who tells you that marriage is a compromise trust them – but don’t take it as someone will always have to give up something in order for the other one to be happy. Look at it like this – compromise is showing someone how much they mean to you and how much you love them. It means that both of you should be a team & that if one person is happy the other one will be too.

Today I started out with my to do list but ended with a hug & a kiss from the man who I am proud to call my husband.

I know this was not make up related but it is beauty the beauty of love and compromise. I hope you enjoyed this post, if so please don’t forget to like it and share it!

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