Worth the $$ – IT Cosmetics Your Skin But Better CC Illuminating Foundation

Hey loVes!!

So I have a confession to make! I tried filimg a LIVE Demo/Review on Periscope and let’s just say it was an EPIC FAIL! Anything that could go wrong did! So hope you don’t mind a written review on this product – if you still want to see the Demo & comparison to the original let me know in the comments below!


Just because summer is almost gone does not mean you still can’t have that summer glow! I recently purchased the IT Cosmetics CC Illumination Foundation – it has the same benefits & formulation as the original except this one has an “illuminating” factor or as It Cosmetics likes to call it “Drops of Light Technology”…or does it.

The original foundation is AMAZING! It’s color correcting, anti-aging, full coverage, 50+ broad spectrum SPF, & paraben free! Too good to true…that is exactly what I thought until I saw how it covered the redness on my cheeks & the dark acne scars on my chin. This CC+ serum/foundation takes the place of multiple “beauty” items – moisturizer, primer, concealer, SPF, full coverage foundation, & anti aging serum.

I was super excited that they came out with an “illuminating” version of my ultimate foundation. Even though I have a very like very oily T-Zone I still wanted something that gave my skin that “glow from with-in” w/out looking extra oily. As the original this only comes in 5 shades & is at the same price point $38. I really wanted to love this foundation as much as I love the original but I just can’t :(. When I apply the foundation it looks like I sprinkled fine sprinkles of glitter all over my face. I look like Edward from Twilight – which isn’t bad if you’re Bella ;).

Even though it has the same benefits I am just not crazy about the “Drops of Light Technology” – in my opinion it did not give my skin a natural glow from with in – in person. Butttt on camera/film I love the way it made my skin look!

I would not use this as my everyday foundation alone unless I was filming a video, taking pictures, going to the pool or beach because it will give you a nice sheen, gives your skin a beautiful look on film, & it has 50+SPF. Even though it has an SPF it didn’t show up on non-flash pics. If you have super dry skin then this is perfect for you but if you have oily skin, like I do, then this might not be the best choice for everyday use like the original.

If you wanted to use it everyday to get all of the awesome benefits of the foundation then I would definitely pair it with a long wearing matte foundation and it would be beautiful! My 2 favorite matte long wearing foundations would be KVD Lock It Foundation & Loreal Pro Matte Foundation.

I have a love/hate relationship with this foundation but if I had to pick a winner I would go with……drumroll please. THE ORIGINAL IT COSMETICS CC+ YOUR SKIN BUT BETTER FOUNDATION!!!!

Hopefully this post was helpful & maybe you’ll have a new favorite foundation!

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