Sexist Pig/Gentlemen or Society too Sensitive

Hey Vamps!


Just a disclaimer – this is not makeup related, just a rant! I might get some negative feedback for this but oh well, freedom of speech!

So on the radio this morning Mojo on Channel955 was talking about holding the door open for people and how some individuals especially women find it offensive. Why do you ask, well good question. Apparently  some individuals in our society think that if you need the door held for you then that meant  you are not capable of holding the door for yourself which makes you weak.  Which in my opinion is total bullshit!

Most women complain that men are so rude or treat us with no respect but as soon as one of them wants to be a gentleman and hold a door open for us we get our panties in a twist. This is our society today, we are teaching out little girls to not want a man to be kind and gentleman like to them; and we are teaching our little boys to become douche bags! Well not in my family – our boys & girl will be that small percentage that will hold a door open for you even if you can do it yourself, why because it’s the nice thing to do. It’s not because they think your are not capable of opening/holding a door yourself they just want to do something nice and maybe just maybe you will pay it forward! Wow now that is an idea do something nice without wanting something in return, gasp!

To the woman who called Mojo a sexist pig boo to you lady! If you can’t take a nice gestor for a stranger then don’t complain when the man in your life treats you like crap because remember your too much of an independent woman. Ladies not every man in our society thinks that we are not capable of doing for ourselves, believe me I am a strong independent woman but if a man holds the door open for me then kudos to you, your momma taught your right! Stop over analyzing & being so sensitive to the small things.

So Vamps I ask you what do you think. If a man/boy holds/opens a door for you does that make him a sexist pig? What if a woman held the door open for your does that make her better than you?

Let me know in the comments below!

If you don’t live in the Metro Detroit Area, Mojo in the Morning is a local morning show on Channel 955 – you can listed to them on IHEART Radio.

You can listen to the podcast this morning by clicking on the link below.

Source: Stream Mojo…Sexist Pig or Gentlemen Free | Channel 955

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