Reverse Shampoo, what is it?

Hey Vamps!

So have you heard of this new thing Reverse Shampooing? Well don’t worry cause I’m gonna let you in on this new trend.

So basically you condition you hair before you shampoo. Crazy right! Well it’s the new hair trend thats going on especially when you have wavy/curly hair, ummmm yea that’s me!

So the theory behind the whole Reverse Shampoo is that supposedly your hair will still get all of the moisturizing benefits it needs from the conditioner and then cleansing that the shampoo gives you. Easy peasy right? Yes!

For the Reverse Shampoo I will be using my everyday (or 3rd day) conditioner/shampoo. I am currently using the OGX Coconut Milk Shampoo & Conditioner, you can use your favorite pair! First simply wet hair & work in the conditioner & then leave it in for five minutes. You can shave, wash your body, or just break into dance while you wait. After the 5 minutes lightly rinse the conditioner. Once you have lightly rinsed the conditioner you can start your shampoo. Once you shampoo you can fully rinse your hair & viola all done. Easy Peasy! Try it out & let me know in the comments how it works for you! Share your pics with me on Twitter @beautybvirginia

I will keep ya’ll updated on Instagram (link below) to see how its working for me!

reverse shampoo

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