Hey Vamps!

NEW video is up over at Click the link above to watch as I go over some Brand New products from Wet N Wild!!! Lemme tell you Vamps that WNW is getting it done!

Since filming the video I also got the Flat Top Brush, Matte Lip Color, 1 Step Gel Nail Polish, & Fine Tip Eyeliner!

☆Flat Top Brush – Super Soft and really cute! Love the way it feels on the skin but it sheds ALOT!image

☆1 Step Gel Nail Polish – These are really nice really opaque and dry fast. So far it has lasted 4 days w/out chipping.image

☆Matte Lip Color – Loving the new shades. These were originally in the Fergie Collection. Here is my original post I think that the new formula is a bit drying but it lasts a little longer than the original & the new ones are a bit more expensive.image

☆Fine Tip Felt Tip Liner – This was an awesome find! I love my KVD Tattoo Liner in Mad Max Brown so I was stoked to find an affordable dupe! This is super pigmented and has such a sharp tip for those super wings! It feathers just a tiny bit but not if you are lightheaded.image

Well Vamps hope you liked this post if you did don’t forget to share it & like it! Let me know in the comments below if you have tried any of the new WNW producing what your thoughts are.

Thank you for all of your support I really appreciate it♡! Please don’t forget to subscribe by email or on

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