The Small Things

Hey Vamps,

I have been a bad girl & not kept up on my blog. Life has been a whirl wind the past several months and although I have wanted to sit down and write I have not had time.

Life went upside down in March and is almost back on track but with a new school year around the corner I feel like life will once a again throw me into a 360! Sometimes you have to stop, step back, and take time to appreciate all of things that may seem small and insignificant but in reality keep you grounded and pushing on. If you ever feel like you just can’t make it here’s a few items that help me keep some of my sanity 🙂

  1. Sitting near a window with your favorite beverage and enjoying the sounds of mother earth. Birds chirping, a cricket, or the sound of the wind. I find that the best time is right after sunrise or right before sunset. Close your eyes and imagine your favorite place. My favorite morning beverage is a bold French vanilla coffee usually made by my favorite barista – my husband 🙂
  2. Take time for a spa day/evening. If your schedule is anything like mine then an in home spa day/night is so up your alley. I try to do this either once every 2 weeks or when I am feeling super stressed. After putting the kids to bed I give my self a facial/face mask and run a bath or a warm shower with lavender Epsom salt. The lavender is so soothing and calming that it will melt your worries away – well for the time being. Take this time to take care of your skin – if your skin is glowy and feeling refreshed it makes a world of difference. I also love using oatmeal as a face mask (check out my easy Oatmeal Mask – or even throwing some in the bath tum to make my skin super smooth.
  3. Movie Night! Sometimes it super hard to have  an actual non cartoon movie night when you have kids but when you get that free moment take it! Even if you don’t have kids sometimes putting in one of your favorite movies and munching on your favorite snack will give you enough down time to re-energize!
  4. If time permits take a walk, jog, run with your favorite music blasting. Release all that negativity and breathe in positivity. When you are out there running, jogging, walking know that the road isn’t judging you or cares what you are wearing it only cares that you are breathing in the positivity and leaving the negative stuff on the pavement.
  5. Last but not least and actually my favorite thing to do is cook! When I get in the kitchen and get in my zone I forget all about what is stressing me out and have a great time. You do not have to be a chef to get in the kitchen and start experimenting with recipes. My favorite thing is baking and I loving baking with apples – heres a link to one of my favorite recipes

Well loVes I hope that my top 5 favorite things to do to relieve stress or just give me you  a break from your regularly scheduled life was helpful. I would love to know what your fav things to do when relaxing leave me a comment below or on anyone of my social media sites!


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xoxo, loVe Beauty by Virginia, there’s a V in every loVe!!!

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