Day 4 Michigan Coronavirus

I did a good thing

San Francisco just quarantined their entire city. Shits getting real and I go to sleep every night hoping it’s all a bad dream.

Michigan has shut down it’s school system for almost a month as well as bars, restaurants, places of worship, gyms or anything that is an entertainment facility. Most work places are still open with some allowing employees to work from home or have a modified work from home a few days schedule. The blue collar workforce still working with no signs of stopping. Part time workers may not have income for a month and people are hoarding toilet paper.

As for me and my crew. I’m working from home 2 days a week. I think we are ok with food but we do have a 6 person household and 4 growing kids, so we will see how long we can last. We probably won’t have enough toilet paper, I kept forgetting to go get more, lol. We do have school packets for all of the kids but my High School Senior may never get to experience senior night, prom or graduation. Day 1 of working a modified schedule and homeschooling kids could have ran a lot smoother and I’m not sure how the hubby will do on the days I’m not home. The cherry on top, my whole family has seasonal allergies and honestly we really don’t know if it’s coronavirus or damn allergies.

Heading into day 5 skeptical and hoping when I go to bed and wake up tomorrow it’s all a bad dream…..I’ll keep you posted.

XOXO- beautybyvirginia

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