Day 5 Michigan Coronavirus

So….day 5, spoiler alert….it wasn’t a dream…..Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

Went to work and wished I was at home. The anxiety level is at an all time high. I understand that we probably will all have or get the “rona” but we need to slow the spread. That is what people are not understanding. As the numbers climb we are all at risk of not being treated on time. We need to practice social distancing. As silly as it may sound it could be what actually saves us.

The UAW is pushing for the Big 3 to stop production for 3 weeks…let’s see how that goes. Trump has challenged Gov. Whitmore to “do more”. Her response….a timeline of what she has done so far. Wondering if she will call for the entire state to go in to lockdown.

As for me and my crew, we will watch Jumamji and I will drink my beer in celebration of St. Patty’s day. Here’s hoping to better days.

Let’s raise a glass for those who have gone into the beyond and another for everyone’s health.

XOXO beautybyvirginia

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