Hey Vamps!

So I wanted to add a second page to my blog to talk about “extra” stuff that is not makeup related. Like my rant today about men being sexist pigs!

So I need some feedback on what other things ya’ll on interested in. I really want to start adding daily blogs just about my everyday mommy/wife situations because let me tell you some s*&# goes down on a daily basis. I was also thinking about cooking, DIY’s, Pinterest, advice column. You decide! Let me know in the comments below or tweet me @beautybvirginia #extras

As always there’s a V in every loVe xoxo beautybyVirginia


I really love the weekends. Not only is it time away from the office but I love spending time with my family. We start every Saturday the same way and I’m ok with that. My daughter and I made a waffle breakfast for the entire family. The best waffles with blueberries & strawberries topped with whip topping, yummmm! Had a even better Sunday with mini apple pies! We laughed, spent some really great quality time with each other. Sometimes the best days are not the ones you plan but the ones that just happen at home.  Remember that it’s not what you do with the ones you love but the memories you make.

As always there’s a V in every loVe xoxo beautybyVirginia


Happy Monday Vamps!

I know this was not suppose to be about beauty but…..

Hey & So I am trying the BuzzFeed 7 day Better Skin Challenge, or something like that. Basically they give you tips/tasks to complete within a week and as long as you keep up the routine then you will eventually have healthy skin. So for Day 1 clean everything that touches your face – that means your makeup brushes, blankets, pillows, phones (cell & office), towels, etc. basically anything that can touch your face. Make sure you keep this up on a daily & weekly basis. Let’s see if I can keep it up, I’ll keep you posted!

As always there’s a V in every loVe xoxo beautybyVirginia


Another day, another doller…who came up with that saying? Today was really more of a another day some more bullshit. Then I quickly realized that I don’t have it as bad as others do, not bad at all. For instance take the city of Flint, MI, roughly 1 hour from Detroit. Their whole water system poisoned their entire city! No water to drink, cook with, bathe with, nothing nada. Poor little innocent kids are sick and who is to blame? The governor, mayor, EPA, who? How about let’s try to figure out how to correct the issue and get these people some safe drinking water and the medical care they need. If you can’t help by donating money or water then spread the word #FlintWaterCrisis the power of the pen is mighty!

As always there’s a V in every loVe xoxo beautybyVirginia


It has been an insane couple of days. One person gets sick and the entire family goes down. Last night was the worst night for me, fever, chills, headache, & plain ole being a baby. So my sick routine deals with chicken soup, hot cheetos, lemon, tissues, vicks, and some liquor! I understand this might not be or totally isn’t “normal” but hey who’s normal, right? Whatever makes you feel better! Lots of relaxing & catching up on my shows! So how do you get over a cold or being sick? Let me know on Twitter #coldremedy @beautybvirginia

As always there’s a V in every loVe xoxo beautybyVirginia


Happy February!

The start of this month was pretty rough with all the kids getting sick and then me getting sick. We are still all just starting to get better, hence not many posts since the end of January. Other than being sick this month is a new start and what I mean by that is not just getting our healthy habits in check but also getting my career in check. I am ready to make the move to being full time, I need to be employed full time. I would love if I could blog full time but right now that is not reality. We just cannot afford for me to quit my job and just blog/vlog. So right now I am on the prowl for an extra Part Time job. I have applied everywhere and it is so weird because I have not looked for a job in over 5 years. So today when I received phone call for an interview I was over he moon but then became super nervous. My anxiety really kicked in my stomach started hurting, I got really dizzy, started to worry, and of course the hand sweats kicked in. I then realized that I have passed on my anxiety to my kids. My oldest was auditioning for his school talent show & he was feeling the exact same way I was the night before. When he popped into my head I knew right then & there that I had to take my own advice – breathe, close my eyes, & think of what could actually go wrong-the could not hire me! I quickly realized that if I did not get hired then it would not be such a big deal because I already have a job! As a kid I never knew how to cope my anxiety. I always thought I was the only weirdo who panicked so badly that my hands would sweat uncontrollably but I was/am not. So if you are out there and think you are the only one who suffers from anxiety you are not! You have a friend in me 🙂

As always there’s a V in every loVe xoxo beautybyVirginia


Ahhh, so another Sunday coming to an end and the work begins all over again. Since I started working full time again I have had to do some adjusting to life. I forgot how much juggling I had to do when I wasn’t part time. So today I spent the majority of my day organizing myself.  Weekly menu, laundry, chore chart, clothes prep, editing videos, cleaning the house  you name it we did it today. Maybe I’ll do a whole post on organization, hmmmm. All I want to do now is get a glass of wine, cuddle up with the babe, & watch How to Get Away with Murder & we are out of wine so 2 out of 3 isn’t bad! I totally hope this week will go with out a hitch because these past few weeks have been so hectic.  My anxiety has been over the moon. With car trouble, horrible weather, & being sick. But I am not complaining just venting out so I get out of my slump. My Anniversary is this week and I am finally getting my hair done to get rid (for the moment) of all my gray hairs! On a brighter note have ya’ll watched Fuller House! OMG it was picked up for a 2nd season & I am so excited! So on that note let’s enjoy the rest of our Sunday and get the week started right! “One small positive thought in the morning can change your whole day.” -unknown

As always there’s a V in every loVe xoxo beautybyVirginia


So it’s 6am & I have been up since 5 😩. This is the time of the day I do my best thinking and the most worrying. I go over everything I need to accomplish that day before going to bed & what needs to get done in the future. Not only do I do my best thinking but it’s the time of the day I can set goals. Today’s goals 1. Get up 2. Make breakfast for the fam, 3. Tiddy up, 4. Get ready to take kids to gymnastics, 4. Decide what’s for dinner, 5. Grocery shop, 6. Try to get some me time, 7. By this time I’m exhausted & all I wanna do is veg out in front of the TV but in reality I should be getting my lazy ass up and working out! And sigh 😥


It’s has been a hot minute since I updated my open diary. My life has been a major whirl wind since March and it feels like, let me rephrase that I don’t have time for much. I have a new job and I am either super tired or not interested which is not me and totally sucks. Now don’t get me wrong the new job is pretty cool and a new exciting experience the hours are good and I still only fork weekdays except today…I’m in an empty parking lot watching the sunrise and waiting for someone to drive up and open the door. My husband usually drives me but since today is Sunday and kids don’t have school why make him get up. He hates that I come in so early and have to wait to go in, he always does a perimeter check and has the car in neutral in case we have to leave in a hurry. He worries for my safety and I love that he cares. So this morning I did a perimeter check and I have my car in neutral. One eye down writing and the other making sure no one is sneaking up on me. It’s not like I work in a bad neighborhood but in the world we live in now it feels like your not safe anywhere. Well dolls management just drove up and I’m on my way in TTYL


It totally feels like a Monday to day…oh yea it is! OMG still have 4 days to go before the weekend! Today’s adventures were uneventful but I am happy for that since so much is going on in the world today. So much hate, sadness, illness, hopelessness, I can go on and on. Life is precious and yet we treat it like it’s an accessory. Even if you do not believe in a higher power believe in life & treat it like a gentle snowflake. Tragedies like Orlando need to make us strong and make us a tighter unit. Some the hate, stop the violence, stop the hatred it will lead to our destruction. #PrayForOrlando #PrayForTheWorld xoxo beautybyvirginia


Christmas is gone NYE is approaching, man how has this year blown by. A lot has happened this year and I am a little bit excited for 2017! Hopefully everyone had a wonderful Holiday and spent it with people they love and care about. I hope that your time was merry and filled with all the things that you enjoy and love!


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