Sunday Brunch

In our house we love waking up late on Sunday’s  because we know that Monday is just around the corner & we all need just 1 more day of rest. So instead of an early morning breakfast we opt for a late brunch. So I wanted to share one of my favorite recipes for a quick and tasty French toast!

You are probably thinking another French toast recipe no thanks & really how hard can making French toast be that I need a recipe. My recipe is a  twist on the traditional recipe, super easy to make, extremely light, with a soft creamy middle and a toasted crust.

I came up with this recipe on a late Sunday morning. After deciding I was going to make the traditional French toast I opened the fridge and I only saw eggs & a stale ciabatta loaf that my dad gave us. No traditional bread or even milk – so I took what I had and with a few extra ingredients I came up with an amazing brunch!


Medium to large bowl

1 loaf ciabatta bread

eggs (if making the whole loaf use 3)

sugar (I used granulated sugar but you can use anything you like to sweeten)


water (3-5 tablespoons)

vanilla (or your favorite flavoring) just a pinch 😉

oil (I like coconut oil), to toast ciabatta

Step 1

Slice Cibatta Bread to the thickness you like, personally I like a medium slice



Step 2

Heat your pan to medium heat with your oil of choice – I love using coconut oil. Once you place your bread on the pan you can lower the heat to a mid low, you don’t want to burn the ciabatta

Step 3

Whisk your eggs, sugar, cinnamon in a medium to large bowl. Once whisked add in your water and whisk again. It will look very thin but that is exactly how you want it.


Step 4

Now you are ready to add your ciabatta! Depending on how big your bowl is you can add 2 -4 pieces of ciabatta bread to your egg mixure. You want to make sure you soak the ciabatta in the egg mixture very well. Once your ciabatta is soaked you can place it on your hot oiled pan.

Step 5

Cook your lovely Ciabatta French Toast until each side is nicely toasted. I personally like a bit of a crunch to the outside 🙂


Step 6

Once your French Toast Ciabatta is done plate it and top it with your favorite items. I love topping my off with raspberries and powder sugar! Yummo!!!


Well my loVes I hope you liked this fun, easy, and a twist on a traditional French Toast recipe. Don’t forget to like this post and share it! Stay connect – subscribe by email 🙂

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